Pat Sajak: God of the Environment and Wheels.

Would someone like to tell me why the fuck this is news? Big Stack Sajak (which is how he will be referred to from this point onward) says that global warming alarmists are “Unpatriotic racists”. Lets break this down. How can someone be patriotic about a global issue? Secondly, how are they racists? More importantly, why are people taking advice from a guy who stares at a wheel all day and looks like he has a track record of sexually decimating choir boys? But maybe its a good thing. Scientists look like liars and those lines in the sky must mean something. I’m glad Dr. Big Stack Sajak is on the case to save us all. Hell, let the bastard host Cosmos and tell us that Saturn is actually a big wheel ripe for his spinoff, Cosmic Wheel of Fortune. In defense of his Mensa level comments, Big Stack Sajak said “Sometimes it’s fun to poke a stick in a hornets’ nest just to hear the buzzing”. Most people just stay the fuck away from hornets, Pat. – Tpat-sajak


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